Sunday, 25 May 2014

Another rainy day

So another rainy day to wake up to. Usually rain doesnt bother me but when I've got two hyper kids to entertain it's a bit annoying. Did try and take the kids on a bike ride but got the the end of the road and decided that trying to keep two kids from swerving into the road while trying to keep Scamp from going the either their wheels or the wheels of a car was too much so went home and drove to my grans instead lol.
When we got home the sun had decided to make an appearance so I decided to start digging in the garden. We had a lawn laid a few years ago bu the soil around here has dreadful drainage, its basicsally clay, so whenever it rains the garden turns into a swamp and the grass all dies. We want to put down gravel instead but to get someone to do it is around £500 so I'm attempting it myself. Might take me a while as this was an hours work and my back was killing me by the end!
So slightly productive day even with the rain :) Managed to photograph a couple of the layouts I did the other night too. This is the finished one I took a half finished photo of, as the layout was about Mark and Caitlin being big kids I used a sheet of AC stickers I got ages ago but haven't used beceuase I thoguht they looked too child like. Also used lots of scraps here so a great 'use it up' layout :) Journaling says about how they spent hours just walking around the pool with Caitlin on Marks back.
I LOVE this photo of Caitlin. It was her very first school photo but she was really poorly that day and I wouldnt let her go school. After much arguing with her I agreed to take her in for her photo but not let her stay the rest of the day. She wasn't pleased with this so refused to smile out of protest. I'm so bringing this out on her 18th :p
You might recognise the banner at the top from her birthday cake this year, waste not want not and all that!


  1. Ooh, you've had a make over! Nice to see the finished page that I commented on earlier today, when it was in progress!

  2. Two lovely layouts - love the blog makeover xx

  3. Good for you trying to do it yourself.
    That's a great photo of Caitlin and love how you've recycled the cake banner :)


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