Sunday, 4 May 2014

Scrapbook day!

Ok so I know it was yesterday but I was a bit busy lol So today I sat down surrounded by all my stash and started scrapping! First was the Sketchy scrappers challenge which was last month so a little behind. This was the sketch.
and this was my take :) Used up lots of old brads so thats good. Quite like the effect.
So that done next was a challenge from Lesley and Warecrafts here. The challenge was to pick one of the layouts and use it as inspiration. I picked two (just to be difficuilt lol) First I loved this layout here
The 'dram' aspect reminded me of a photo of Caitlin when we were on holiday last year. Next inspiration was from this layout
I loved the layering. So putting them together I came up with this.
The photo was from when we were in Turkey. Caitlin would spend ages just lying on the rubber ring and floating around the pool daydreaming, my Mum used to call me 'Dolly daydream' when I was a kid so thought that was a good title :) Only one challenge down but quite pleased with it!


  1. Fab layouts Gemma, love the combined effect :)

  2. Super scrapping, Gemma. I love your idea for using up brads.
    Sue x


Thanks for your comments. :)