Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Well this morning didn't start off the best, among other things Cameron accidently dropped my phone down the stairs and broke the screen. Poor Cam was gutted and gave me the £5 he had left from his birthday bless him. Told him thanks but costs a bit more than that lol. Oh well its still functional just need to be careful not to cut my finger on the sharp bits!
Well the money finally went through and as we hadn't been shopping for a few weeks other than basics we needed a big shop to restock the cupboards and freezer. Morning saw us going to town for Primark, home bargains, farmfoods and iceland/ Mark was already flagging by this point so stopped for a break. A friend had told me about the mcdonalds app where if you sang into your phone you won a free drink. I was too embarrassed to give it a go but god love him Mark did it for me and won me another frappe, yum. :)
Refueled we went to the next shop on the list The Range. I won't be going back there in a hurry! Was taking something off a shelf when I knocked a giant ceramic duck down and it smashed all over the floor!! the staff were really nice and told me not to worry, but my husband then decided to follow me around the shop quacking at me!!! Mortified! lol. Time to finish our shopping trip with asda and then HOME!
Tonight will be homework, packing away shopping and a good clear out and organisation in the cupboards like I always do after a big shop. Joy. lol


  1. Oh no! Not a great day for you. Poor Cam he must have been so upset. Here's to a better day today :o)

  2. Oooh you've had a bit of a blog revamp too - liking it!!!


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